Thursday, November 24, 2011

tips pregnant faster

Getting pregnant isn't a light decision. But once you have decided, you want it to happen now. The vast majority of women will not get pregnant in their first cycle off of birth control or the first time they try. With some help, though, you may be able to make it happen as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you get pregnant faster:

Get a check up.
A preconceptional health visit is a must for couples trying to conceive. Here is where you will have a physical exam. You can ask lots of questions, but also potentially uncover issues that might impede your attempts at pregnancy.

Know your menstrual cycle.
If you do not know when you are ovulating or when your next period is due, you probably will have trouble getting pregnant. While there are varying degrees of how well you can predict your menstrual cycle, taking these steps can help: watch your symptoms, chart your temperatures, consider using an ovulation prediction kit (OPKs) or other fertility aid.

Be healthy.
Put an end to bad habits like smoking and drinking now. They do impede your fertility. So, not only will you be healthier, but you can improve your fertility in the process.

Have sex.
You would be surprised the number of people who come to me for advice about getting pregnant and their problem is not enough well timed sex. You can't have sex once and call it good for the month. While you may get lucky, chances of pregnancy are increased if you have sex multiple times, particularly near ovulation.

Don't forget your man.
His fertility counts too. So often we get focused on our bodies and forget that his fertility plays into this as well. Perhaps he needs a check up or a look at his habits. Make a pact to be healthy together.

If you have been following these suggestions for one year and you are under 35 and you have not gotten pregnant, it is time to seek the help of a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), or fertility specialist. You can get a recommendation from your midwife, OB or family physician. If you are over 35, the recommendation is to seek support after six months. This evaluation for infertility will help you identify any problems.

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